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Correctional Deputy I

Application & Selection Process


Application and selection of candidates is based upon successful completion of a series of assessments including, but not limited to:


• Online Pre-Screen Questionnaire

• Written Examination

• Physical Agility Test (PAT)

• Completion of a Background Packet

• Extensive Background Investigation, including interview

• Polygraph Examination

• Pre-Employment Psychological Assessment

• Medical Examination, including a pre-employment drug & alcohol screening 


Online Pre-Screen Questionnaire: The first step in the hiring process is the online pre-screen questionnaire. Candidates must successfully complete the questionnaire before proceeding in the hiring process. The pre-screen questionnaire is completed within the application process for both Deputy Sheriff Trainee and Correctional Deputy I.


Written Examination: Upon successful completion of the pre-screen questionnaire, 

candidates will be allowed to schedule their written examination. Candidates will be directed to our scheduling calendar to check for available testing dates, and schedule themselves.  All candidates must appear in person with valid government-issued photo identification and professionally dressed. No resume is required at this time.


The written examination is an aptitude and biometric assessment to evaluate an individual’s fit for a career in law enforcement, and consists of 2 sections: a 10 minute, timed vocabulary test; and an untimed section, containing 225 questions based on you, your personality, past experiences, and additional questions of this nature. This examination typically takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and there is no study guide available to prepare.  The test results from the written examination are valid for one year from the date of the examination.


Candidates who are unsuccessful in the Written Examination may re-apply three months from their testing date. Successful candidates will proceed through the process to the Physical Agility Test (PAT). Veteran's Preference Points: Candidates may bring in a copy of their DD-214 form on the date of their written examination. Veteran's Preference points will be added to their total overall score for the written examination.


Out-of-state candidates are advised to contact a recruiter before scheduling their written exam.


Physical Agility Test (PAT): Upon successful completion of the written exam, candidates will be notified of their scheduled PAT appointment. All candidates must appear in person with valid government-issued photo identification and dressed in physical training attire to participate. The PAT consists of:


• Sit-ups: A minimum of 27 sit-ups must be completed within 60 seconds.

• Push-ups: A minimum of 22 push-ups must be completed within 60 seconds.

• 1 ½ mile run: The run must be completed within 14 minutes, with no stopping or walking. The run is conducted on an oval-shaped, dirt track.


Candidates should check their score card after each event to ensure the correct scores are recorded. Candidates will be given only one attempt at each event and will not be able to challenge their score at the end of the PAT. Upon successful completion of the PAT, candidates must attend an onsite orientation after testing and will receive their background packet at that time. Candidates will have ten (10) business days from the date they receive their background packet to complete it and return it to Sheriff's Personnel. Candidates who are unsuccessful at the PAT may contact a recruiter to schedule another attempt. Candidates are eligible to attempt to successfully complete the PAT until their written exam score expires, which is one year from the date of the exam.

Background Investigation: Candidates will be assigned a background investigator once their completed packet has been received. The assigned investigator will contact the candidate via telephone or USPS mail service, informing them of their status in the selection process.

Successful candidates will then begin the background investigation process, including scheduling all necessary assessments with their assigned investigator. 

Preparing For Your Background Investigation: Candidates can prepare for the background process ahead of time by collecting required documents. The items listed below must be brought in at the time of your appointment with your background investigator. Items that must be sent away for can be submitted after your appointment, but should be sought for in advance. Educational transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope. All items must be original or certified. Candidates should refer to the instructions page and checklist in their packet once it has been received for further instruction regarding the documents listed below.


Social Security Card
California Drivers License
Birth certificate or naturalization papers (recorded copy from county)
High School Transcript
High School Diploma/G.E.D./Proficiency examination certificate
College Transcripts
College Degree/Certificates
Law enforcement academy transcripts and certificates
Work Evaluation reports
DD214 (military separation form)
Selective service registration, if born after 01/01/60 (certified)
Marriage certificates (recorded copy from county)
Divorce documents (final decree from court, certified)
Child support documents (final decree from court, certified)
Bankruptcy filings (within the last five years)
Vehicle insurance (must show required minimum coverage)
P.O.S.T. Certificates or other law enforcement training course certificates
Specific licenses, certificates, or specialized course work
Agency's Internal Training Record (Lateral & Pre-Service only)

P.O.S.T. 101 Training Record (Lateral only)


Candidates will be disqualified in the background investigation for reasons that include, but are not limited to: (1) DUI violations within the last 3 years (2) Currently on probation (3) Adult felony convictions (4) Conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence, 243(e)(1)PC. Candidates who fail the background investigation are not eligible to re-apply for a minimum of one year.


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