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Sheriff 911 Communications Officer I


Riverside County Dispatch Communications

The Communications Bureau is the critical link between the community and patrol units in the field. Dispatch communication centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department has 3 communication centers. Central Dispatch is located in Riverside, the Coachella Valley Dispatch Center is located in Palm Desert, and the Colorado River Dispatch Center is located in Blythe. The centers provide the highest quality and most professionally competent public services to over 1 million residents of Riverside County.



Dispatch communications centers handle emergency 9-1-1 calls for service as well as wireless calls, non-emergency, and allied agency calls. The calls for service range from in-progress crimes such as a robbery or an assault to non-emergency calls, such as past petty thefts or loud music disturbance calls. Communication centers are also responsible for the dispatching of patrol units to calls for service and specialized units, such as HDT (Hazardous Device Team), EST (Emergency Service Team) and CF (California Fire Arson Investigators), to name a few. 


The Position of Sheriff 911 Communications Officer I: 

Incumbents in this class, under direct supervision, receive emergency 9-1-1 and non-emergency requests for service from the public and other agencies; operate and control radio dispatching equipment; dispatch appropriate County, City, allied agency, and other emergency units; and to do other related duties as required. 

This is the trainee level class in the Sheriff 911 Communications Officer series. Incumbents receive on-the-job training in the techniques and procedures of dispatching and operating radio and other Command/Communication Centers equipment. Direct supervision is initially exercised over positions in this class, and as training and proficiency progress, incumbents assume a greater degree of responsibility in dispatching emergency units and operating communications equipment. 

This class is distinguished from the next higher level class of Sheriff 911 Communications Officer II in that the latter class performs the full range of dispatching duties without direct supervision.


Examples of Essential Duties:

• Operates a variety of communications equipment including radio systems, enhanced 9-1-1, various telephone systems, telecommunications device for the deaf, recording equipment, and computer systems in accordance with Federal Communications Commission regulations, department policy and standard operating procedures.


• Receives emergency calls obtaining essential information in order to determine priority, locale and the appropriate emergency units to be dispatched.

• Determines jurisdiction, notifying or transferring calls to other agencies when appropriate; dispatches emergency equipment and personnel units to various locations in response to calls for service ensuring necessary coverage.


• Transmits information and orders to, and receives messages from County, City, allied agency, and other emergency units, typing all radio transmissions received and sent.


• Makes inquiries to local, State, and Federal national computer systems to obtain information required by deputies in the field or as requested by other law enforcement agencies. 


• Reads and interprets maps to locate emergency incidents, determines jurisdiction; may respond to an emergency in the field with communications equipment and set up and operate such equipment. 


Recruiting Guidelines:

Experience: One year of experience involving a substantial amount of public contact, preferably in a public safety agency. 

Skill: Sufficient skill in typing to complete 5549 net KPH (Keystrokes Per Hour). 

Knowledge of: The functions, operations, rules, and regulations of the Sheriff's Department; modern office practices and procedures and operating standard office equipment. Proper English language usage and grammar. 

Ability to: Learn the codes, techniques, and procedures in dispatching emergency units, operating radio, Telephone, Call Director, telecommunications device for the deaf equipment, multi-channel recorders, playback machines, alarm systems, CAD systems, and teleprocessing equipment; accomplish tasks in a controlled and competent manner while working in a stressful environment; follow oral and written directions quickly and accurately; establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees, law enforcement, fire, medical and other personnel, and the public; complete assigned tasks with accuracy and speed. 

Other Requirements: Incumbents should be able to work in a fast paced, high call volume environment answering emergency and non-emergency calls from the general public in a sedentary setting.


Sheriff 911 Communications Officers are required to work rotating shifts, weekends, and holidays and may be required to work overtime. 

Must be able to complete a twenty (20) week intensive hands-on training program, in addition to attending a 120 hour P.O.S.T. Certified Basic Dispatch Academy for P.O.S.T certification.


Upon successful completion of the application and selection process with the Department and an employment offer is made, training in a nine (9) week Dispatch Academy as well as a three (3) week Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Academy will be provided by the Department.  Successful completion of these trainings is required.


In each academy, two different communications skills are taught:


• Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) focuses on call-taking and interviewing techniques, as well as all phone, CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching) and records systems.

• Radio teaches the basics of dispatching calls for service as well as how to deal with critical incidents on the radio and the workings of the radio system. 


Salary and Benefits 

In addition to an exciting and challenging career opportunity as a Sheriff 911 Communications Officer I, the County of Riverside participates in the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) and offers an excellent retirement program. 

Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance: A flex benefit is provided in the amount of $657.88 monthly. 

In addition to their regular salary, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department provides Sheriff 911 Communications Officers with a Hire/Retention Bonus of up to $16,000, paid over a five year period.


Upon Hire $800 
6 Months of Service $800 
12 Months of Service $1,600 
24 Months of Service $3,200 
36 Months of Service $3,200 
48 Months of Service $3,200 
60 Months of Service $3,200

*Please note: Hiring bonus is pro-rated by service hours for current employees.


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