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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I call or write for more information?

You can call the Human Resources Team at 1-888-Join-RSD (1-888-564-6773).  You may also inquire about specific job related questions for sworn or general non-sworn positions via e-mail at or write to:
Riverside County Sheriff's Department
Personnel Bureau / Recruitment Unit
P.O. Box 592
Riverside, CA 92502
What are the application steps to be considered for Deputy Sheriff Trainee (DST) and/or Correctional Deputy I (CD)? 
Below is a list of the steps in the application process for the DST and CD positions.  You will need to successfully pass each step of the process to move forward.
  •  Register Online & Completed Online Pre-Screen Questionnaire
  •  Written Examination
  •  Physical Agility Test (PAT)
  •  Completion of a background packet
  •  Extensive background investigation, including interview
  •  Polygraph Examination
  •  Pre-employment Psychological Examination
  •  Medical Examination, including a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening 
What are the application steps for a Pre-Service or Lateral candidate for Deputy Sheriff?
Below is a list of the steps in the application process for pre-service and/or lateral candidates for Deputy Sheriff. You will need to successfully pass each step of the process to move forward.
Register Online & Complete Online Pre-Screen Questionnaire
  • Online Pre-Screen Questionnaire
  • Written Examination (Pre-Service Only)
  • Completion of a background packet
  • Extensive background investigation, including interview
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Pre-employment Psychological Examination
  • Medical Examination, including a pre-employment drug and alcohol screening
How do I apply with the Sheriff's Department?
To apply for Deputy Sheriff (Pre-Service or Lateral), Deputy Sheriff Trainee, Correctional Deputy I, or Sheriff 911 Communications Officer I, the application process starts with the online application. The link is located on the main page of this website. To apply for a classified position with the Sheriff’s Department, please visit to submit your resume. Human Resources will contact you if you are among the most qualified applicants for any position within the Sheriff’s Department.  
Is there an expedited process for Pre-Service and Lateral candidates?
Yes.  Lateral candidates are not required to take the written examination and should contact a recruiter in Human Resources after applying online.  Pre-Service and Lateral candidates are not required to participate in the PAT. If you qualify as a Pre-Service applicant, you will need to speak to a recruiter once you have finished the written examination
How do I schedule a written exam and what does it consist of?
Upon successful completion of the pre-screen questionnaire, candidates will be allowed to schedule their written examination.  Candidates will be directed to our scheduling calendar to check for available testing dates, and schedule themselves. All candidates must appear in person with valid government-issued photo identification and professionally dressed.  Appointments must be scheduled online and cannot be made over the phone or via e-mail.  No resume is required at this time.
The written examination is an aptitude and biometric assessment to evaluate an individual’s fit for a career in law enforcement. The examination consists of 2 sections: a 10 minute, timed vocabulary test; and an untimed section, containing 225 questions based on you, your personality, past experiences, and additional questions of this nature. This examination typically takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and there is no study guide available to prepare. 
I have recently tested with another agency.  Can I use those test results?
No. We do not accept outside test scores.  Candidates must complete all of our assessments.
I’m not seeing any dates on the calendar to schedule my written exam. Are you still testing?
Be sure you have selected a location in the top right corner of the scheduling calendar to view availability at each testing center.  We administer testing in Riverside, Indio, and Temecula and we release testing sessions on the calendar approximately three weeks in advance.  If you do not see any asterisks on the calendar to indicate open test dates, it simply means that all available dates are booked. Check back periodically for additional testing dates or contact a recruiter in Human Resources. Availability may be limited, so please be patient. 
How long are the written exam results valid for?
The test results on the written examination are valid for one (1) year from the date of the examination. 
What are the minimum score requirements for the Physical Agility Test (PAT)?  What should I expect?
You will be given one minute each to correctly perform as many sit-ups and push-ups; however, you must perform at least 27 sit-ups and 22 push-ups to continue on to the PAT run.  If you are successful with the sit-ups and push-ups, you will then move on to the mile and a half run which has to be completed in less than 14 minutes. Stopping or walking while on the run will result in disqualification.      
You should check your score card after each event so that the correct scores are recorded. You will not be able to challenge your scores at the end of the PAT. You will be given only one attempt for each of the events.
If you are unsuccessful, you may contact us to reschedule another attempt. Rescheduling can be done by emailing us at or by contacting us at 1-888-Join-RSD (1-888-564-6773). Candidates may attempt the PAT until their written examination score expires. 
If I successfully complete the PAT, what is the next step in the hiring process?
You will be required to participate in orientation immediately following the PAT.  At that time, you will receive your background packet, which must be completed and returned to Sheriff's Personnel by the given due date.
How long will I have to return my completed background packet?
You will have approximately twelve (12) business days to complete your background packet and return it to Sheriff’s Personnel.  A confirmed due date will be given when you obtain your packet.
What if I’m unable to complete my background packet in the twelve (12) business day timeframe?
If you do not complete your background packet in the twelve (12) business day timeframe, you may be disqualified from the selection process and may have to wait one (1) year from the date of your PAT to re-apply.
What is meant by re-apply?
If you do not complete your background packet in the twelve (12) business day timeframe and are disqualified from the selection process, you will need to login to your JOINRSD profile and re-apply to be considered for Deputy Sheriff Trainee and/or Correctional Deputy I. However, you may need to wait one (1) year from the date of your PAT to do so.
Do I have to pick up my packet in person if I am an out-of-state candidate?
No. You may contact Sheriff's Personnel at (951) 486-2809 to make other arrangements to obtain your packet.
If I am in the selection process with the Department, can I apply with other agencies?
Yes. Applying with the Department will not preclude you from applying with other law enforcement agencies.
I am having trouble logging into my profile. How can I retrieve my login information?
To retrieve your password, you may use the “Forgot My Password” feature on the login screen. You will be prompted to type your UserID and the system will email your password to the registered email address on file.  Or, you may contact Human Resources for assistance with your login information.  If you need to retrieve your UserID, you will need to contact Human Resources.
I’m on active duty in the military, when should I start the process?
You should begin the process when you have approximately six (6) months or less on your enlistment time of service. You will need to be available to take the written examination and the PAT, and successfully pass each stage to continue further in the selection process.
How do I use my Veteran’s Preference points?
You may bring in a copy of your DD-214 form (Member-4 or Service-2 copy) on the date of your written examination. Your Veteran’s Preference points will be added to your total overall score for the written examination.
How does the hiring process work if I live out-of-state?
Human Resources will try to accommodate the written examination and PAT in the same trip, but different days. If you live out-of-state, you are still required to attend and complete all necessary assessments.  We have a process in place to assist out-of-state candidates with scheduling. After applying online and completing the pre-screen questionnaire, contact Human Resources.
What are the vision requirements? 
Vision must be at least 20/30 in each eye with the following exceptions. If glasses are worn, vision must be at least 20/30 in each eye while wearing the glasses and uncorrected distance vision must not exceed 20/70 in either eye and the better eye must be at least 20/40. If soft contact lenses are worn, they must have been worn for at least three (3) months and vision must be at least 20/30 in each eye tested with the contacts in. If a LASIK procedure (refractive surgery) was performed, vision must be at least 20/30 in each eye. In addition, candidates must be able to accurately and quickly name colors, and must be free from other visual impairments that would restrict the ability to perform law enforcement duties.
What are the hearing requirements?
You must be able to understand speech in noisy areas, understand whispered speech, and localize sounds. Specialized testing methods are used to determine hearing capability. Although hearing aid use is not automatically disqualifying, additional specialized test will be administered to determine if the use of hearing aids will be permitted.
What is the starting salary?
Salary information can be found by visiting the County’s website at
How long is the academy? Do I get paid while I am in the academy?
Correctional Deputy I and II – S.T.C. certified 9-week academy
Deputy Sheriff Trainee – P.O.S.T. certified 24-week academy
You will receive pay and benefits during your academy training.
How long does it take to complete the hiring process for Deputy Sheriff Trainee and/or Correctional Deputy I?
Generally, depending on the background investigation process, it may take anywhere from 4 to 6 months from the date of the initial written examination to enter the academy for Deputy Sheriff Trainee and/or Correctional Deputy I. The length of time may also be dependent on the scheduling of the academies. 


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