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Reserve deputy sheriffs must complete a POST-certified basic training course. There are 3 separate courses that are delivered in a modular format for these levels. The training is self-sponsored, meaning the student pays all academy expenses.Moreno Valley College

Moreno Valley College offers an Entrance Requirements Information Session for self-sponsored students.

Modular training is offered during evening and weekend classes through Moreno Valley College at the Ben Clark Training Center. You must register as a student at MVC to attend these courses.

Modular III
Beginning level - Read more . . .
Modular II
Intermediate level - Read more . . .
Modular I
Final Level - Read more . . .

The Sheriff's Department accepts Modular I final level reserve deputies.

Here's how it works:

  1. All service in the Riverside County Sheriff's Department Reserve Program is voluntary and without compensation.
  2. Reserve deputy sheriffs must work a minimum of 24 shifts per year (2 shifts per month) on an annual basis.
  3. Once you have completed final training level, Module I, you may be considered for appointment in the Sheriff's Department. The application process for reserve deputy is the same as deputy sheriff. However, it is suggested you submit a reserve deputy interest form or contact the Reserve Coordinator at 951-486-2809 before you apply.
  4. When you're ready to begin the process, select the Deputy Sheriff career path.
  5. Register and complete a profile, or logon if you already have an account.
  6. Complete our online pre-screen questionnaire.
  7. You take a written examination.
  8. You may be required to take a physical agility test (PAT).
  9. You attend background orientation and we give you a background investigation packet to complete.  It's a detailed history of your life, and we conduct an extensive background check based on your statements.
  10. We interview you based on your background packet.
  11. You take a polygraph examination.
  12. You take a psychological examination.
  13. You take a medical examination including drug and alcohol screening.

Once you have been appointed as a reserve deputy sheriff, additional required training is provided at no cost.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department provides a complete uniform and leather gear for reserve deputies assigned to uniformed services, except for shoes and specialized equipment.

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Trainee

If you have been accepted as a reserve deputy and been assigned to a station, you must also complete the department's field training program provided by the station.

Recruiting Guidelines

Comprehend and retain factual information pertaining to policies, rules, regulations, and laws and accurately apply what is learned; analyze situations and/or data and draw meaningful conclusions leading to a reasonable course of action; effectively communicate both verbally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with others; meet the physical requirements of a Basic Peace Officer Standard Training (P.O.S.T.) academy.

Graduation from high school, or attainment of a satisfactory score on a G.E.D. test, or possession of a Certificate of Proficiency issued by the California State Board of Education.

Still not Sure?

You can take an Introduction to Law Enforcement and Physical Conditioning for Basic Academy Students course through Moreno Valley College. The class meets weekday evenings at the Ben Clark Training Center for one semester. It's a great way to experience academy physical training and to meet training staff.

Minimum Requirements
Deputy Sheriff
At least 20 years & 9 months of age at start of academy
U.S. citizen
Ability to obtain California Driver License
U.S. high school diploma or G.E.D., or equivalent
Oral & written communications skills


  1. DUI violations within the last 3 years
  2. Currently on probation
  3. Felony convictions
  4. Conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence
  5. Lying or withholding any information